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AI Chatbot

Every organization striving for excellence wants to provide its customers with the most value in the least amount of time. Many businesses use AI chatbots to improve customer service, increase sales, and establish a brand voice. But what is an AI chatbot exactly? Well, it is a robot or computer program powered by artificial intelligence with the ability to interact with human beings through natural language processing and machine learning. The potential for AI chatbots is enormous. From customer service to online sales, businesses are beginning to see the benefits of using chatbots to improve the customer experience. Besides improved customer experience, implementing AI chatbots in your business could result in reduced operating costs, increased efficiency in handling customer issues, personalized customer service, and much more! Sounds nice, right? But how does this look in practice?

The best way to understand AI chatbots is to get an idea of how we develop them. There are a few different approaches to creating chatbots. The methods used include:

These simple chatbots rely on several rules to determine the best response for a given customer scenario. They are also referred to as expert systems and typically use pre-programmed if-then statements.

Omnichannel bots can leverage machine learning to improve customer experience over time and can use pre-programmed rules to identify customer issues. Omnichannel chatbots can interact across various communication channels, including voice, SMS, email, and chat.

We do not program DL chatbots with rules or algorithms. Instead, these chatbots rely on artificial neural networks to realize the best responses to customer behaviors based on past interactions. These advanced chatbots can learn and improve themselves over time.

Benefits of AI Chatbots

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Chatbots maken servicewerk makkelijker. Ze zijn schaalbaar en efficiënt. Je medewerkers houden meer tijd over om oprechte aandacht aan de klant te schenken. Waar nodig schakelt de chatbot over naar de juiste medewerker.


Heb jij klanten die geen voorkeurskanaal kunnen kiezen? Mensen die de ene keer via WhatsApp en de andere keer via Twitter met je praten? Kies dan voor omnichannel klantenservice en vang groeiende volumes af, zónder dat je je team hoeft uit te breiden. Ook als vragen via nieuwe kanalen binnenkomen kun je gewoon antwoord blijven geven.

What can dev-UP do for your organization?

Simple AI Chatbot

Chatbots are an extension of your customer service organization. They fulfill the needs of your customers and make customers feel valued. These chatbots are usually rule-based and focus on basic customer service dealings.


Omnichannel AI Chatbot

An omnichannel bot allows your users to switch between channels without losing the context of their conversation (like chat via email, WhatsApp, Teams, and more). These chatbots usually employ a hybrid approach of being partly rule-based and partly AI-driven.

Advanced AI Chatbot

With the help of deep learning, chatbots can conduct dynamic interactions with customers and operate successfully automatically in various (complex) contexts.

Onze cases


Salesforce SharePoint connector

Salesforce SharePoint connector

Voor een van onze klanten hebben wij een koppeling geschreven tussen SharePoint en Salesforce. Onze klant bespaart hierdoor duizenden euro’s per maand aan licentie kosten.
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ESOMAR Mobile App

ESOMAR Mobile App

Voor ESOMAR zijn we bezig met het bouwen van een mobiele app. De app is gekoppeld aan de backend van ESOMAR. De app draait volledig op Azure services.
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