Artificial intelligence (AI)

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Achraf Chennan

Achraf Chennan

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Why AI?​

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Build an intelligent enterprise with prefabricated, data-driven, and AI cloud applications. In addition, enhance your organization with a comprehensive portfolio of infrastructure and cloud platform services. AI helps organizations automate operations, drive innovation, and safely make smarter decisions.

Predict results based on insights from vast amounts of historical data. Target the potential clients who are more likely to make a purchase, predict what they will do, make the right offers, and provide the right content to accelerate the sale.

Artificial intelligence (AI) will nestle at the heart of today’s business technology. It will be central to digital transformations and become an evident engine of business differentiation.

The introduction of AI promotes a new generation of applications capable of simulating parts of human understanding. With time, AI applications develop more and more robustness and intelligence with their continuous learning driven by machine learning capabilities. These new applications can understand underlying contexts of matters, provide hypotheses and recommendations, and automatically launch operations.

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artificial intelligence

What can dev-UP do for your organization?

Azure Cognitive Search

Azure Cognitive Search is a robust cloud-based search service that can rapidly help you find and analyze the data you need with its integrated AI features. With Cognitive Search, you can develop applications with powerful enterprise search functionality.

AI Chatbots​

Chatbots are one of the best ways to engage your customers, especially when the chatbots are AI-powered. AI chatbots can answer questions, recognize commands, and even make decisions. The more chatbots interact, the better they get.

Machine learning

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence that focuses on giving computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning algorithms process large amounts of data, identify patterns, and make predictions.

NLP (Natural Language Processing)

NLP is a technology that processes human language to understand its meaning and intent. Afterward, using this understanding to decide. The decision may be to act based on results from analysis or provide output after analyzing.

Automation AIO

Automation AIO is a suite of AI services that allow clients to automate and optimize their processes with minimal effort. We utilize cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to streamline your business and get more done with fewer resources.

Other services

In specific scenarios, we still provide various other services, such as software- and web development. We develop software- or web applications that solve a problem and provide the most value to the client.

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Salesforce SharePoint connector

Salesforce SharePoint connector

Voor een van onze klanten hebben wij een koppeling geschreven tussen SharePoint en Salesforce. Onze klant bespaart hierdoor duizenden euro’s per maand aan licentie kosten.
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ESOMAR Mobile App

ESOMAR Mobile App

Voor ESOMAR zijn we bezig met het bouwen van een mobiele app. De app is gekoppeld aan de backend van ESOMAR. De app draait volledig op Azure services.
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